G.O.D.S. offer high end fur garments you can fully personalize your purchased item by choosing from our range of furs. With 40 colors & the options to add or remove a hood or collar, lengthen or shorten sleeves we guarantee 100% satisfaction with the quality. Our service ensures we can tailor your garment to your specifications.

  We patiently and meticulously build each Fur Coat, Fur Vest, and Fur Blanket. All the Fur Hats on our website are in stock items, although we make many Custom Fur Hats as well. We specialize in Custom Fur Coats, Fur Vests, and Custom Fur Blankets. We carry a few lines of in stock Fur hats, shearling hats, wool hats, and ear muffs. You will also find many other Leathers, and unique products in stock. Please allow 3-6 weeks for the production of all custom fur. No refunds on any custom work.