• Pandora Fox Vest

Pandora Fox Vest


"G.O.D.S." - benefits for customers.

High fashion and high technology in our company are combined with utmost attention to the wishes and needs of customers.
GODS offers a range of services and opportunities:
Possibility of installment purchase and credit;
A guarantee for fur coats produced by our factory;
Ordering fur clothes individually;
A large selection of accessories from fur - hats, collars, stoles, mittens, scarves, toys, bedspreads, rugs and much more;
Purchase of exclusive models from copyright collections;
Repair and fitting according to the figure of fur clothes;
Services of specialized dry cleaning for fur products;
Storage services for furs and articles thereof in a special refrigerator.
We will put at your disposal the professionalism of our employees and modern technologies for tailoring, processing, storage and cleaning of fur.

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